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Jaima talks about Big Libary Read and what this means for Audrey Blake

A local author gets a big boost from a North American book club. We hear from Jaima Fixsen and find out how you can read her latest book The Girl in His Shadow which was named Big Library Read.

In this interview, we discuss The Surgeon's Daughter, writing together as a duo and what that process is like for them, setting their books in the real scientific world with fictional characters, how surgery used to be a man's world, the advent of the caesarean section and anesthesia, and much more.

Bent Biblios Podcast

Episode 8: Audrey Blake talks The Girl In His Shadow

On today’s episode we talk with Jaima Fixsen and Regina Sirois, also known as Audrey Blake.  Together they wrote the incredible historical fiction novel The Girl In His Shadow.  We chat about the inspiration for the book, writing a book together and the intriguing and addictive world of early medicine.  

Taking place in the mid 1800’s, The Girl In His Shadow tells the story of Nora, an orphan that has been taken in by an eccentric doctor.  Wanting to practice medicine against the conventions of the time, Nora must learn some hard lessons and make some tough decisions.  We highly recommend this fantastic book, which we both rated five stars!

The Bookshop Chronicles

Episode 43: The Collaborative Power of Jaima Fixsen and Regina Sirois

After spending just a little bit of time in the company of Jaima Fixsen and Regina Sirois, you will feel motivated to call your BFF and gush on each other for a while. Not only are they two individual, talented authors in their own right, but as a writing duo, they become the irrefutable pen name, Audrey Blake, and they have co-authored their debut title, The Girl in His Shadow. This historical work of fiction focuses on a young woman named Nora and her passion to study medicine in 1840's London, when women were not permitted to pursue such professions. It is a fresh, innovative story and I could not be more pleased to put it on my shelves in the bookshop.

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